shiitake-tissues asked: When you get this, give five facts about yourself, and then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!

hmm, well, you already know everything about me, so….

1. I’m looking for a new job

2. I’m in college

3. I love “The Iliad”

4. I’m 19

5.  I sleep with a short sword under my pillow


How I spend my lunch time.

thank you for your service, what branch? I can’t tell exactly what from the camo pattern


How I spend my lunch time.

thank you for your service, what branch? I can’t tell exactly what from the camo pattern


Gets you killed in painful, nasty ways.

OMG Percy will die?!?!!!

and yet everyone wants to be a demigod so they can go to camp half-blood or better yet, camp Jupiter, where they can undergo the magical transformation into a child soldier. YAY!!! No seriously, why can’t I sign up for this, it sounds like my dream job.


if you like pjo then the fanfic series broken bow is for you

oh my gods yes


firefaerie81 asked: Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson


This is a cool one because they have *completely* different kinds of magic.

I’d say it depends on what part of the series we’re talking about. Book 1 Percy would totally clean the floor with Book 1 Harry, because even when he couldn’t really control his powers we’re shown that Percy could still do some serious damage, while the only thing Harry showed immediate aptitude for was riding on a broom.

However, Harry by the end of the series, who is one of the most proficient if not THE most proficient in his class at Defense Against the Dark Arts and has fought against Death Eaters, would be MUCH more evenly matched against Percy.

To know who’d win later on, I’d say we look at the kind of magic they default to: Harry’s “signature movie” is disarming his opponent, which would do exactly zip against Percy who doesn’t fight with a wand in the first place and whose weapon comes back to him automatically. Likewise Percy’s go-to form of attack, his sword Riptide, would do absolutely nothing to Harry since it’s only effective against mythological monsters.

Percy would be likely to try some kind of water magic next, but Harry knows counterspells (such as the Shield Charm) which would block that, so unless Percy had the element of surprise that’s unlikely to work. Percy, on the other hand, has no way of blocking Harry’s spells, so he’d be completely vulnerable to something like Impedimenta (the Impediment Jinx) or Petrificus Totalus (the Body-Bind Curse), both of which we know Harry can pull off effectively by the end of the series.

Therefore, while early-series Percy would beat early-series Harry, Harry would win in a battle between their older selves, and most likely leave Percy frozen like a statue until the spell wore off.

that depends, Riptide works against demigods too, if we assume that HP and PJO are the same universe, than we can assume that the witches/wizards might be somehow linked to the gods, leaving them vunerable to Celestial Bronze/ Imperial Gold/ Stygian Iron(which might be able to block spells), either way though, if Percy can close with Harry, it’s all over. Percy using just his fists/feet, is enough up close and personal with Harry, who barely uses muscles and who has no combat training whatsoever


Warnings: Gore, blood, violence. Not happy fun-times.


The bomb went off and the world flipped upside down.

Annabeth landed on her back and the forest canopy above warped in her vision, like a kaleidoscope of sunlight through the branches. Her ears rang, deafening all with a high-pitched drone that made her dizzy. She blinked a few times, and admired how beautiful the day was - bright, sunny, cozy. It would be lovely to pick strawberries in the field near camp or read a book under the tree near the sparring arena. It smelled like campfires burning, smoky, black and she thought about toasting some marshmallows later tonight.

Who would be setting off firecrackers? Or was that just her heartbeat? Either way, they were constant - a boom, boom, boom. It was in her head, in her chest, filling up her entire body with it - boom, boom, boom

Why was she all wet? She didn’t remember having gone swimming. It was probably a lot of fun if she had.  

She tasted dirt, and something else - something metallic, coppery - and wondered where Percy was. Maybe he was admiring how beautiful the day was too. If she turned her head, maybe he was lying there next to her, but when she did, he wasn’t. Instead, she saw something that didn’t make sense.

It was a leg -

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What kind of AU is this? I thought I was the only one who thought about the demigods mixing modern warfare into their wars



Demigod children of hecate, goddess of magic, go to camp half-blood in the summer, and attend Hogwarts for the school year.

I can just see the pureblood fanatics trying to give them hell, and suddenly they’re backed against the wall cause some kid has a pen that can turn into a five foot javelin, “You want to say that again?”


is a story set in a fictional world still fanfiction if it doesnt contain any of the original characters? asking for a friend

yes, any story that contains the world (locations, time line, ect), or characters is fanfic

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Anonymous asked: Kill a character in anyway you see fit


Warnings: Gore, minor language, major character death.


There’s blood - a lot of blood - too much.

The troops that weren’t stuck in the firefight dragged Nico into the dusty, dingy basement. Percy, his A16 swinging from his back, barely managed to throw debris clear off the table before they tossed him down onto it like a sack of potatoes. He kicked his boots, even when everyone tried to stop the bleeding. It didn’t even matter that bombs were literally dropping overhead, raining dust down on top of them with every single thunderous clap, like snowfall.

Nico’s screams seemed to drown every single one out.

No man should have to hear such a thing. Like a pig, hanging upside down on its way to get its throat cut. It knows exactly what’s going to happen to it, knows how much it’s going to hurt.

War wasn’t a place to realize how easy it was to die; it was a place to realize how hard it was to watch someone die.

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holy shit…….wow, just…wow, and recognized this scene from BHD practically immediately, oh my gods, not nico, and what’s awful is that I still imagined him as a 14 year old kid.




I’m so excited because I found out today that this little guy exists

He’s a Western Blind Snake and he looks like a very shiny earthworm


according to my sister (who takes biology), these snakes have a different diet than most other snakes - instead of mice, they have adapted to eat colonial insects and eggs and such! so owls will pick up these snakes and drop them off in their nests so that the snake will eat parasites off of the owl chicks. its pretty cool

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When you’re looking up basilisks and…

to clarify, there’s a type of lizard called the basilisk


When you’re looking up basilisks and…

to clarify, there’s a type of lizard called the basilisk


Does everyone in the Percy Jackson fandom hate the movies, or is that just me?

we all hate the movies, but no one hates them more than Uncle Rick



Some of the best alpine/woodland military camo is developed by the Swiss, but most of the rest of the world refuse to use it because it has pink and red splotches on it, making it look “unmanly.”

Honestly if you’d prefer to risk it for the sake of looking “manly” then you deserve to get shot. 


"That couldn’t possibly work, Roman! Alpenflage is dumb and you’re dumb!”







the thing is though, (and I know this because all things military is my interest) is that swiss camo, or any thing else with those giant red splotches on it, is that it works nowhere else other than the country who uses it 

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Many authors neglect to give their characters a voice which is distinct from the narrator’s. This results in a seventy-year-old classics professor, a down-on-his-luck boxer out of Memphis, and a high-class hooker all using the same turns of phrase. Often, they’re all speaking in exactly the same inappropriately formal and stilted voice, presumably meant to be literary. — How Not To Write a Novel, “Sock Puppetry” (via szaleniec1000)

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